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 Chapter Chapter Title
1 Customer Focus, Customer Performance and Profit Impact
2 Marketing Metrics and Marketing Profitability
3 Market Potential, Market Demand and Market Share
4 The Customer Experience and Value Creation
5 Market Segmentation and Segmentation Strategies
6 Competitive Position and Sources of Advantage
7 Product Positioning, Branding and Product Line Strategies
8 Value-Based Pricing and Pricing Strategies
9 Marketing Channels and Channel Mapping
10 Marketing Communications, Social Media, and Customer Response
11 Portfolio Analysis and Strategic Market Planning
12 Offensive Strategies
13 Defensive Strategies
14 Building a Marketing Plan
15 Marketing Metric, Performance and Strategy Implementation
16 Market-Based Management and Financial Performance

NOTE: Each Marketing Performance Tool includes the data presented in the chapter Application Exercise to help in answering the Application Exercise Questions. Each Marketing Performance Tool can also be re-initialized with your own data to evaluate the marketing performance of another business or business situation.
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