7.1 Product Positioning (Figure 7-3)

Starting Data
Product Positioning Strategy 1 Strategy 2
Target Customer
Product Engineer
Maintenance Worker
Core Need
Proven Reliability
Fast Solution to Problem
Differentiating Need
Need Proof
Need to Try
Customer Profile Factor 1
Production Engineer
Maintenance Worker
Customer Profile Factor 2
Risk Adverse
Likes to Try Things
Customer Profile Factor 3
Technical Orientation
Likes Pictures of How to Do
Product Name
Quick Metal
Product Feature 1
Reliable Solution
Saves Machine Down Time
Product Feature 2
Easy to Apply Gel
Easy to Use
Product Feature 3
Short Cure Time
Has Many Applications
Promotion (value proposition)
Reliable Solution
Keeps the Machinery Running
Key Promotion Method
Trade Shows and Magazines
Trade Magazines & Free Samples
Place (place or time of purchaseor
Sold Through Distributors
Purchase by Mail or through Distributors
or time of distribution)